High protein healthy dinner ideas for weight loss | Healthy Vegan dinner

 High protein healthy dinner ideas for weight loss |  Healthy Vegan dinner 

Making high protein healthy dinner salad is very easy to make and instant making recipe, only it required simple process preparation.

Anyone can take this healthy salad for dinner, lunch, breakfast, and another diet schedule. it is also tasty and fills your stomach with nutrition value.

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  • About high protein healthy dinner:
  • Ingredients for high protein healthy dinner:
  • High protein healthy dinner ingredients benefits:
  • High protein healthy dinner making Process or steps:
  • Conclusion:

High protein dinner ideas-Vegan dinner by healthyfoodpot

About high protein healthy dinner:

Experts say dinner should be low carb, more protein, and lighter than breakfast and lunch.

There are tons of healthy recipes but in the busy schedule, it becomes hard to maintain.

It is also very important to add high protein healthy dinner to your food pot. we are going to learn how to make high protein healthy dinner in vegan dinner style at home.

It is called nutrition value-added protein salad, also very effective for weight loss.

Ingredients for high protein healthy dinner | Ingredients quantity :

1. One cup of fresh Chickpeas  (Black Chana),

2. One cup of green  mung bean, (green moong dal),

3.  100 gram to 200 gram Cheese (paneer),

4. One piece of onion,

5. One or two peace of tomatoes,

6. Little coriander leaves,

7. Little roasted peanuts,

8. One peace lemon(Cut into half),

9. Very Little salt (black salt),

10. Little black pepper,

11.Indian Garam masala or chaat masala,

12. One or two-piece of Green chili,

High protein healthy dinner ingredients benefits:

Chickpeas have a great resource of high fiber, protein, and other nutrition values. Green mung or Whole Green Gram, has calories protein, and vitamins, which help fulfilling nutrition value and weight loss.

Cheese is a great resource of calcium, protein, vitamin b12, and fat. Onion has antioxidants and antibacterial resources, which help better digestion. Tomatoes have good vitamin resources.

Coriander leaves have antioxidant resources, and black pepper also has antioxidants that help reduce bad cholesterol and Blood Sugar Control. we are going to have these five healthy food resources in this green salad healthy dinner recipe.

High protein healthy dinner making Process or steps:


Chickpeas and green mung beans need to sprout. Sprout chickpeas have high protein and fiver resources.

high protein healthy dinner ideas by healthyfoodpot.com

It also helps improve digestion, and blood sugar and supplies fresh food needs. How do sprout Chickpeas and green mung make a healthy salad?

After rinsing the chickpeas and green mung in a separate bowl, you may need to soak the seeds with water for one night(20 to 24 hours), use a little more water


because the seeds will soak water and grow. after night takes a wet cotton fabric and covers it like a bag separately, hang this bag somewhere, but not outside or no under the sun. Wait for another night, after night it should be sprouted in seed form.


Chopped Onion, tomatoes, coriander leaves, green chili, and cheese in separate places, because you have a choice to mix different ingredients as per taste.


Now it is time to mix and make high protein salad, start mixing with your sprouted chickpeas, sprouted green mung, cheese(As a well-balanced salad), little coriander leaves, tomatoes, roasted peanuts, then green chili peace as per your need

(If chili is not available you may use any substitute of green chili) and lemon half as per your need. After all mixing, you may add little garam masala, black pepper, and black salt making it tastier.

It is always better to have another option to add more! when it is necessary. If any ingredients are less than you have always one option to add extra but if it is too much then it can be tasteless.

Mix all ingredients with a spoon and taste it, whether chili and salt taste is ok. After tasting if you feel some ingredients could add more, you may add them as per your taste(for example salt, chili, etc).


It is ready to serve now.

high protein healthy dinner ideas for weight loss by healthyfoodpot.com


Following these easy steps, you are able to make a vegan high protein healthy dinner- salad for you.

It can be served in your breakfast, lunch, or other diet plans. I hope this short explanation will help you to make a healthy food pot and a better lifestyle plan at your home.

Additionally, it can also turn healthy food pot supply business ideas.

Your share would be appreciated. Thank You.


Healthy food pot provides you, how to get nutritions added food for weight loss and gain education

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